Students in the writing skills class  were looking at trashy magazines and were asked to come up with their own stories for headlines. Juan and Nari chose the headline I want you back but not yet.

I Want You Back, But Not Yet

Last summer John Brown realised his identity, so he had surgery to become Sarah Brown. It’s not just the changing of the body, but also changing his full life. Now he…..oh! She is waiting for a true love.

John Brown was married in 1990 in London. He had lovely daughter and beautiful wife. He looked like a normal man who likes playing soccer, going to pubs and loving his wife, but his decline came last summer.

One day he went to his daughter’s nursery and he started to feel strange. At the nursery he met David Hill, his daughter’s teacher. Suddenly, his heart  starts beating harder. Of course we know it was a strange situation, but the love is blind. John and David have fall in love each other. But David felt guilty because he was the teacher of John’s daughter and he knew John’s beautiful wife. And finally, David said “I love you so much but I need more, if you change everything about you, I will come back to you”. John’s response was “I will do anything for you, even lose my two women, but I need time. I want you back but not yet”.

One year later, John has become a woman, he doesn’t have a family anymore. When he told the truth to his wife, she said “I understand you, I love you and I only want the best for you. However, you will lost the most important thing in your life,  I will take care of our daughter, you are never going to see her again and I’m going to tell her you died”.

Now, John is waiting to sign divorce document to spend the rest of her life with David. Every night she is suffering from the pain of surgery, but she never regrets her decision because she found her true love.

Tomorrow, she is going to send a letter to David saying “I want you back. Would you marry me”