Yasuko has just finished having private lessons at Kheiron School and, after one year in Oxford, here she writes about her best and worst experiences the the UK.

My best experience
We walked a lot of footpaths in the UK. We saw beautiful picturesque views and talked to people who enjoy walking. We always had a map when we walked on the footpath, but we usually got lost.
I was surprised that there are countless footpaths on riversides, hills, farm and a site in the UK.
We usually saw a lot of sheep, cows and horses just in front of our eyes, when we walked on the footpath in countryside.
We had never seen such a scene in Japan.
If we hadn’t come to the UK, we wouldn’t have known about footpaths, and if we hadn’t walked on the footpaths, we wouldn’t have had a wonderful experience.
My worst experience
We had some trouble with our house, so some repairers came.
One of them took 3 weeks to repair the oven, another took a month to repair the ceiling. They didn’t bring the necessary parts and worked only 5 minutes each time so they needed a lot of time to repair. We had got annoyed with them at the beginning but we don’t mind now.