As part of her advanced class, Christine was asked to create a story using some of the phrasal verbs covered in class.

Despite the snow and the chaos that came with it, she decided she just had to look into the case again tonight. She knew that the investigation couldn’t be put off any longer and she simply couldn’t put up with the uncertainty of who was involved in the murder.

She’s already called off the surely dreadful family dinner that night and headed to the car that was already covered in snow. It would be difficult to drive through the storm but that didn’t matter; a bus wouldn’t be faster and she’s gone off the underground years ago – too many people, making the air stuffy and almost unbearable.

She simply had to get to the station and take a look through the archives to compare her discovery with the testimonies of the other witnesses. This could change the whole outcome of the case.

Sure, the few people still at work would be surprised at her turning up at this hour but she didn’t care about them. She got into the car and took a look in the rearview mirror to reverse out of the parking lot but she didn’t expect two eyes staring back at her.