In the Advanced/Proficiency class Debbie wrote a piece reviewing Ken Robinson’s talk on How to Escape Education’s Death Valley.

Ken Robinson focuses his talk on education and synthesises in three main ideas how human life flourishes.

On the one hand, he points out human beings are different and diverse and adds that the current education system is not taking this into account. On the contrary, the system has vested interests in promoting a limited range of disciplines. By doing this they automatically dismiss other skills in which students could excel.

On the other hand, he claims that university is the engine of achievement. That is to say, the more we trust in the creativity of the teachers and the more we allow them to lead the teaching, the better results students will have in terms of learning. He suggests Finland as a prime example.

Last but not least, his final point concerns creativity. Human beings differ from other species by being creative and using imagination. So, instead of ignoring this natural ability it should be used to improve teaching. Learning should be considered as a human process.

All in all, education should focus on every single individual and respect all the specifications of the human beings. It should also seek out good teachers and rely on them in the education field.