As part of his CAE preparation, Fernando has written a review of Mockingjay which is a part of The Hunger Games trilogy. This is what he thinks of the novel.

The last trilogy by Suzanne Collins has been a great success among readers so much so as to become a best seller with each one of the three novels in The Hunger Games. The last book but not for that less shocking is Mockingjay. As in the predecessors this is set in a futuristic and imaginary society ruled by the tyrannic capital.

After the breath-taking end of the previous novel now the action take place in the rebel camp-base. Katniss Everdeen, the genuine heroine, has been rescued from the battlefield, though hardly injured, with a few more champions. Now it is time to decide the next step as the revolution has burnt out. How powerful is the resistance? Will the rebels be able to take over the capital? This exciting story is getting to the climax, no doubt. Katniss, the protagonist and a young villager, has stood out as a sign of freedom. Shy but charismatic she manages to gather the different districts. The best is coming.

Most likely, one of the greatest strengths of this book is its gripping story. As dark as coal at the beginning of the first novel it is turning as luminous as a big fire in the third part. The hopeless people of the districts are now all together and they’ve got a goal. Well-linked with real problems it makes us think about the social problems in our days but brings us hope with this outstanding tale. Probably, the one weakness would be the sub-plot about the triangled love relation among the main characters which shows a desperate aim of get the teenage public.

Not until reading the book do you imagine how well written and finish a trilogy can be. If you really are into fantastic novels or are a distopic world stories lover you won’t miss this magnificent Suzanne’s master piece.