Kate has written a review of the Oxford Cherwell Boathouse restaurant as part of her CPE classes. This is what she thinks of the service and food.

Unlike thirty years ago when you would be hard-pressed to eat well in Oxford, today the city offers a vast array of restaurants from student-orientated Brown’s Brasserie to top-end restaurants like Randolph Hotel’s iconic Morse Bar, not to mention wide-ranging ethnic cuisines from all over the world. Giving the wide choice of dining places, it might be surprisingly difficult to decide on the right one for your occasion.

If you are visiting Oxford on a lovely summers day, the Boathouse would be a great choice. It is one of the city’s quirkiest restaurants, hidden and well off the busy road down a bank of the river Cherwell. It is actually a boathouse where you can hire a punt for a floating picnic, but you can also dine on the deck, marvel at the view of the river and parks down the stream and listen to the soft splashes of the boats. The surroundings are stunning, however if it gets a bit chilly you can always dine inside the cosy boathouse itself.

The food served in Boathouse would satisfy the most discerning of tastes. Loved by locals and tourists alike, Boathouse has led the way with food in the city for some time. You would definitely enjoy it’s delicious fares which are prepared by acclaimed chefs, using only crispy fresh vegetables and mostly locally sourced meat. Reflecting the high volume of ethically concern visitors, the restaurant offers excellent vegatarian and organic options too.

While the food and view are beyond any expectations, the only downside of the place is limited parking space. Therefore it might be a good idea to leave your car at the city Park and Ride and enjoy walking down the street or using a bus service.

If you do not mind a little walk and enjoy an atmosphere of old Victorian Oxford, Boathouse is the place not to miss. If you are after more extreme culinary experience it would not be the most exciting dine, however for those looking for the finest English food in stunning surroundings it is the place to go. Pay Boathouse a visit next time you are in town and enjoy its best meals in one of the most peaceful and idyllic locations of Oxford!