The CPE class was given the following exam question to write a review. Here is what Maja and Mikeala thought of Pippy Longstocking.

“A literary magazine is running a series of reviews of books that people enjoyed reading as a child and would ´recommend for children today. You decide to send in a review in which you describe a book and the attractions it had for you as a child. You should also explain why you feel it remains relevant for children today.”

Reminiscing my favourite book as a child it is beyond any doubt Pippi Longstocking I come to think of. The book is written by the talented Swedish author, Astrid Lindgren. Such was the pleasure reading the book that I still get a smile on my face thinking of it.

Pippi Longstocking is a red-haired girl with braids, who lives in her chaotic house Villa Villekulla with her horse and monkey, Mr. Nelson. She  has two friends, Tommy and Annika, whom she loves, and spends most of her time with.

Although she initially seems to be an orphan, she has her father traveling on the seven seas as a captain on a boat. And she has definitely taken after her father! Pippi has an extraordinary strength and her heart is at the right place, which are qualities she has inherited from him. So despite the fact that she is not very good in school in terms of mathematics and spelling and her life in general is not a bed of roses, she knows the difference between right and wrong, between good and bad. If her two friends for example are being bullied, she would use her physical strength to protect them.

As a child I admired her independent and unpredictable life a lot – no busybodies looking into her life and telling her what to do. This appealed to me, but only up to a certain point, because after all, Pippi has no mother. It also appealed to me that Pippi was such a brave girl, standing up for her friends.

To my mind the book about Pipi Longstocking remains perpetually relevant for children. Nowadays I gather that there is a tendency of being selfish and materialistic, but reading this book I guess that children would much sooner live her life, based of true friendship, than have the latest video game or I-pad. I would highly recommend the book to any child doubting about him- or herself, since the book contains elements of a high self-esteem and balance, regardless of background.

By Maja 

When I grew up I read a lot and loved to disappear in the magical world of books. But there was one book that made an extra large impact on me and it is still important to me. The book is about a girl called “Pippi Longstocking” which is also the name of the book. What made this book extra special for me was that Pippi Longstocking was a mix between a role model and this crazy girl who lived by her own rules. Astrid Lindgren manage to tell the story about this extraordinary girl in a humoristic but still tragic way. Pippi is just a girl but lives by herself with a horse and a monkey, she doesn’t go to school or have a job, she is utterly lonely and in a position no child should ever be.

Considering Pippi’s life and how hard it would be for many she is enjoying it and is not afraid to stand up for herself. Pippi was the first feminist I came in touch with. Due to this she still has an impact on my life, I can still remember the strength and faith she gave me. This girl is a character that today is more important than ever, in today’s society a girl like this whom doesn’t take no for an answer is vital. She might have lived in a different time, but I find that irrelevant, its her mentality that makes her a true role model for all young girls today.

Although this book is really important for young girls it’s also incredibly entertaining for all children, parents and grandparents. Give Pippi a chance to inspire you imagination and creativity this is something you’ll never regret!

Alright, this is my book review.. I hope it doesn’t suck or is to short and that you won’t give me a two!

By Mikeala