Petra has written this great review as part of her preparation for the  CPE exam. This is what she thinks of the Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford.

The Pitt Rivers Museum is set majestically in the heart of Oxford. You do not need to be a fanatical archeologist to fully appreciate this stunning architectual masterpiece crowded with some marvellous discoveries of our civilization. It might be thought to be one of the younger buildings considering the vast architectural history of the colleges. And yet, you will gasp as soon as you are stood in front of the building. You know you are being treated to an extraordinary experience , a journey through time.

The atmosphere of the city offers you a hint as to what you are yet to discover in the museum itself. Given its prime location, the museum is easily located and accessible. It is advisable to travel by foot as parking really might be an issue. This does not present a problem as the main station as well as the bus station are only 10 minutes away. Should you decide to drive, there are various options for car parks, such as out of town park and rides.

Once you enter, the history unfolds in front of your eyes and you are welcomed by an enormous whale jaw bone which is just a fragment of what the museum has got to offer. As you walk through the ground floor, not only do you meet the prehistoric giants and extinct species, but also animals well known to us. The second floor is dedicated to insects and minerals. It is fair to assume that one might find the large collection of creepy crawlies rather off-putting.

But if you think you have seen it all, you are mistaken. The small entrance to the second part of the building might deceive you into believing that there might not be so much to see. However, the three floors are rammed with artifacts and intrigue. Whether you like weaponry, armour, clothing, boats or toys, you will definitely satisfy your curiosity in there.

Given the museum’s rich variety of content, it offers a day out to all kinds of visitors. Free admission to the museum also makes it a popular choice. Needless to say that an educational aspect plays an important role and it is very valuable to the community.