Alvaro has written this essay on the benefits of travel as part of his CAE preparation classes.

The aim of this essay is to analyse the benefits of travelling to other countries. Despite the fact that there are different alternatives to this paper, I will discuss two approaches that should be taken into consideration which are education and experience. Needless to say, both of them are great benefits but we need to clarify which one is more beneficial.

First of all, I would like to discuss education, which is essential due to the fact that education and good manners are very important in getting a job. Travelling around the world broadens the mind of people because you get to know other cultures. You become more respectful and nice with others. Also, you learn the basic history of the place that you visit, which could motivate you to study or read deeply about it.

Experience is a vital point in this topic since people travel to experience new situations and feelings. All travel is unforgettable even if you spend a few hours in a place. Living different cultures allows you to experience a lot of flavours, ways of thinking and traditions. There are many forms to travel, like solo, with family or friends, and alternatives, such as hotels, camping and spas. Whatever you choose, make a special trip that marks your life forever.

Taking all the arguments into account, and with my experience, I would like to say that having an experience is the greatest benefit of travelling because it makes people feel happy and lets you experience situations and get to know places you never forget.