Following a listening exercise in the advanced class, our students were asked to do paired writing in order to create a short story. This story had to include some of the phrasal verbs which came out of the listening and this is what they came up with.

On a frosty winter’s morning, Tom set out to save the world. Unfortunately for the world, Tom got waylaid by a girl who stood out because she wore a swimsuit. Instead of saving the world, Tom decided to save the fragile girl. He approached her, determined to look into the matter.

“How do you put up with these icy temperatures?”, he inquired. “I am trying out the newest method to get fit.”, the girl answered. Now that Tom was close to her, he saw that she was less fragile than he had thought. Actually, she looked rather athletic. Reluctantly, Tom pointed out that her being in the cold, wearing next to nothing, couldn’t be healthy. The girl frowned, stammered incoherent words, spun on her heels and ran away. Tom mimicked the frown. Before Tom could digest this turn of events, the girl cam running back, hugged him, shouted “thank you”, winked cheekily and got into a car which coincidently very much resembled his own. Tom shook his head, having lost track completely now. It was only when he felt for his keys in vain that Tom found out what had just happened to him. Tom sadly admitted that he was to blame. He had been the one who had allowed himself to be distracted in the first place – he should have been more careful. Moral of the story: be aware of honey traps.

By Jantje and Megumi

Anastasia is a lovely 28-year-old woman and a caring wife. Fritz, her husband, is a 25-year-old man, working as a personal trainer.

Anastasia is known for having a jealous streak, and she can not put up with her husband’s female customers. She points out that she believes Fritz is cheating on her while talking to her sister, Jessica. Jessica doesn’t know how to react because she was the one who had it off with him, but of course she didn’t want to back down.

Not knowing what was going on, Anastasia secretly hires a private detective who sets out to track Fritz down. After a few weeks, he finds out, without trouble, the unspeakable truth: not only has he cheated on his wife, but also he has done it with Jessica, her sister. Unbearably heart-broken, Anastasia is absolutely overcome by anger and she sets out to kill both of them in the most gruesome way possible.

By Marco and Lea

James walked in the office and looked around. Only twice before had he been there. He sat on the chair and waited for the chief to come in. Two months before he had graduated two years early from university and he had got his foot in the door straight away.

The door swung open and chief Murphy walked in. “Morning James”, he said. James nodded and turned expectantly towards him as chief Murphy sat behind his desk. “I have called you in today becasue I need you to check something out”, he said. “Last night, we found another body”. He said this with disguist on his face. “With the same calling card as last time, sir?”, James asked. He gave a short nod.

“She has been killed, strangled with a red scarf that he left around her neck”. James cursed under his breath. “That means this is the 7th body this month. We have to do something about it. We can’t put up with this any longer. We have to find out who the killer is”, he said defiantly.

“That’s what we’re intending to do and that’s why I needed your help.”, said the chief.

By Kyara and Pauline