Evening English classes in Oxford

If you work during the day and are only able to study English in the evenings, then our part-time evening English classes will be a good option for you. We offer General English evening classes, as well as evening exam preparation classes for Cambridge First Certificate (FCE), Cambridge Advanced (CAE), Cambridge Proficiency (CPE) and IELTS.

Our General English evening classes take place on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 19:00-21:00 and focus on improving speaking fluency, while also including grammar, vocabulary and skills work. Our exam classes take place from Monday-Thursday from 19:00-21:00. These classes aim to teach you the skills and strategies necessary to pass your exam while also increasing your experience and confidence through plenty of exam practice.

On our General English course, you will:

  • Develop your speaking confidence and fluency

  • Participate in discussions on a variety of topics

  • Learn, review and practise new grammar and vocabulary

  • Practise and improve your reading, listening, writing and pronunciation skills

  • Receive up to an hour of homework from each class

We ensure that all our students, both part-time and full-time, cover a rich balance of language (grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation) and skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing). You can read more about class content and see an example timetable here.

You can learn more about our exam preparation classes here.

Class information:Class fees include:

– Small group sizes: maximum class size is 12

– Levels available: B2 and C1

– Lesson length: 120 minutes

– Minimum enrolment age for adults: 16. No maximum enrolment age

– Students can start every week

– Period of study: 1 week to 48 weeks

– No registration fee

– Class materials

– Placement level test

– Use of students’ room with free tea and coffee

– 8-weekly tutorials (a private 15 minute session with the Principal or Director of Studies to discuss your progress, areas to improve and future learning goals)

– Use of our small library with newspapers and magazines

– Wi-Fi

– End of course certificate of attendance and level

Class typeDaysTimes
General EnglishTuesday




Cambridge First CertificateMonday




Cambridge AdvancedThursday19:00-21:00
Cambridge ProficiencyTuesday19:00-21:00

General English

£30per class
  • 2 hour class

Exam preparation

£32per class
  • 2 hour class
Prices correct as of 2019. You can read our terms and conditions here.

Frequently asked questions

If you have a question that isn’t answered here, please feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

Our classes are continuous, so you can start any day you like.

If you can’t come to a class, please tell Poppy or Chris a minimum of 24 hours before the class, and you can then recover the class at a later date. If you don’t tell us 24 hours before the class, then unfortunately you will lose the class.
No. There are no registration fees.

You will study a combination of speaking, listening, grammar, pronunciation, reading and writing. We use a rotating timetable system to ensure that students receive a good balance of language and skills work, and always aim to take our students’ needs and interests into account when planning classes. You can read more about this and see an example timetable here.

You will need to bring pens, pencils, and some paper. It is a good idea to have a folder to keep everything organised. We will provide all the study materials used in class.
No. A lot of our students have jobs which mean that the days and times they work can change every week. We try to be as flexible and understanding as possible, and are happy for you to attend different days or times each week if necessary. We just need you to tell us the days you would like to come as soon as you know your working schedule.

Yes – all students will be given a certificate stating their level and how long they have studied at Kheiron.

At Kheiron, we don’t give students regular, formal progress tests. We prefer to assess students continuously, based on their contributions in class as well as their homework. We organise a private tutorial for part-time students every 8 weeks with the Principal or Director of Studies, so that we can discuss your progress, areas to improve, and future goals and study ideas. Students can move up to higher levels when they (and their teachers) feel that they are ready.