In the upper-intermedaite  general English class, we listened to Martin Luther King’s famous I have A Dream speech. We then wrote our own speeches making use of new vocabulary which we had learnt in class. Juan, Leticia and Eleonora decided to talk about pub opening hours while Maria and Anusha spoke about Women’s rights.

We are really grateful to the three million people who signed to support our cause.

Why are the people crippled by the manacles of the Council to leave the parties at 3 a.m?

Why are the people languished in the corners of the UK if they decide to continue parties until sunrise?

We pursue the freedom to enjoy life without a timetable. We believe that the government shouldn’t dictate people’s lives.

We need an urgent decree about pubs and discos closing time.

Insofar as our country is concerned people would spend more money on drinks, tickets. The country would have more funds to use for something different.

The council overlooks our needs so let us not wallow in despair and struggle in a non-gradual path against the vicious Conservatives.

We have a dream, we are not alone. Altogether we can change the law.

Juan,  Leticia and Eleonora

I am happy to be here today to talk about the rights that we have achieved in the last century.

Nowadays, women have the same rights as men.

From the beginning of the last century in Europe, women weren’t allowed to go to school, vote, work out the house.

But currently, we stand up for equality of opportunities.

Last decades governments have spent funds on the great vaults of opportunity of women.

Maria and Anusha