After discussing the first and last lines of various well-known books, the upper intermediate and advanced morning classes were given the first two paragraphs of a mystery famous book. After discussing what they thought the genre was and what the story could be about the students were asked to write the final two paragraphs of the story.

Here is the beginning they were given. Do you know this famous Dystopia?

He had gone perhaps two hundred metres, and was in the dark patch midway between two street lamps, when he was startled by something soft bumping against him. The next moment Julia’s arms were clinging tightly round him.

“You see I’ve broken my first order,” she whispered with her lips close against his ear. “But I couldn’t help it. We hadn’t fixed up about tomorrow. Listen” In the usual manner, she gave him instructions about their next meeting. “And now, good-night, my love, good-night!” She kissed his cheek almost violently a number of times, then slipped away into the shadow of the wall and promptly disappeared. Her lips had been cold, and in the darkness it had seemed to him that her face was pale. He had a curious feeling that although the purpose for which she had waited was to arrange another meeting, the embrace she had given him was intended as some kind of good-bye.

Here is what some of the students came up with –

After this complicated meeting she came back home. Julia felt really guilty and started to cry. When she opened the door of her bedroom found her husband waiting for her in the middle of the night.

He started to ask many questions about where she was and why she was feeling really sad because she looked so pale.

She kept crying desperately without answering his questions. He tried to keep her calm and told her “I know everything about your affair with another man, now you have to make a decision and choose between us!”

She was in shock and stopped to cry, suddenly she realised she would loose everything that she has now if she leaves him. So she decided to carry on this relationship with her husband because they are really in love each other.

By Angela, Maria Aguila and Yulia

“Why? We could be a perfect couple! Is anything wrong with me? Why every relationship with girl ends like this?” They had left without saying anything. Maybe she didn’t want to hurt me. I thought that I finally found the girl of my dreams but she disappeared again.

Nevermind. The world isn’t going to fall. Tomorrow is new day, I should go to sleep asap. I have to wake up early morning. And at first I should stop thinking bad. I’ve good friends, good job, loving family, I’ve got a good life. There’s just one person missing in my life. Hopefully, once, maybe tomorrow I’ll find her. But now I really have to go sleep. Good-night…

“Oh, what the hell?! I fell asleep! I need to take a taxi, to be in work at time. He take all his things and ran down the stairs to the street. “TAXI!” He shouted”

When he sat into the car he realised that driver is a woman. Not a usual woman. She was nice. She looked at him warmly. “How are you doing?” She asked.

“Not too bad. I just fell asleep and probably I’ll be late in work. Otherwise OK.”

“So where are you working?”

“Lloyds TSB. Please, be quick.”

“Alright, I’ll do my best.”

(I don’t know how to finish it, but they’ll meet at a party next Saturday and they’ll have a good time and they will have a date next week. They will marry in two years and live together till death.)


By Mario.

She was walking when suddenly she heard some footsteps behind her. She looked back a bit scared. “Is somebody there?” Anybody answered her…so she carried on walking home, the path she took was in darkness.

The atmosphere seemed strange and hidden obscure. She looked around and she found one shadow. She realise that the shadow was him, the ex-boyfriend.

She said “OK, What are you doing here? I said good-bye and see you tomorrow! Go home you know this is dangerous for us. I told you that we can meet each other just tomorrow night, someone could see us.”

The man answered “I am not sure if I can trust you my darling. You sounded bored and saying goodbye in our last meeting. But I will tell you something sweetie, nobody can remove me!”

She started understanding that something is wrong when he tried to strangle her. Quickly she took her keys and cut his neck.

By Mara and Laura Castro.

While Julia was walking away she said to herself “That was the right thing to do, George wasn’t the right man for the job”.

She put on her red lipstick and was wearing her Louis Boiton stilettos. She took a deep breath and as the golden handled grand double doors opened she strode into the party in a sophisticated way.

She spots a gentleman with a tray of champagne. She takes a flute and drinks it in one leaving the mark of the red lipstick on the glass.

All the guests were struck by her beauty and froze but she kept walking indifferent to their gaze.

Julia climbs the few steps to the ballroom where her boss stands with his bodyguard. Shoulder to shoulder now she discreetly whisper to him “No worries dear, everything’s under control, the killing is going to happen tonight”.

Suddenly all the lights went out and people started screaming. A tall, well built figure moved quickly and quietly towards the host Mr X.

From outside the window George was watching the scene and noticed the moonlight being reflected in the blade being held by the figure. George took a deep breath and heroically jumped through the window, the sound of glass smashing rang throughout the room.

As the figure is thrushing the knife towards the host, George throws himself between them and the knife penetrates the right side of the chest.

With the  great anger at the failure of the mission Julia once again slips away into the shadow of the wall and promptly disappeared knowing that she has to find another path in life.

By Maja and Emma

PS. The famous Dystopia here is George Orwell’s 1984!

Image by Duncan