Following a listening class, in which we listened to a foreign correspondent giving advice to his newborn  baby, Vanessa wrote a letter of advice to her younger self. This is what she had to say.

Dear Little Vanessa,

You are almost nine years old now and still can’t think of anything else but magic, wizards, and witches. I know it’s fascinating and kind of beautiful but you need to start living in the reality. Listen to your parents, go outside, and find friends. I’m not going to say you should stop believing in magic. You just need to start a life outside of your imagination. The years will pass by and it will get even harder to find friends. You think you don’t need friends. This might be true but, I promise you, life will be easier and funnier if you’re not alone. Maybe, you’ll find some friends who believe in magic too.

Another thing is that you shouldn’t give up so easily. If you really want to do something, do it. Even if others are laughing at you, never listen to them. Listen to your heart and your parents. You want to go to ballet classes and go skateboarding? Do it. Some people might think these two hobbies don’t fit together very well but if you like both, do both.

The most important point is that you should never think your mummy doesn’t love you. I know sometimes it’s hards to believe, especially when she sends you away in the night and never allows you to sit next to her during dinner, lunch or breakfast. She just treats you like that because your two sisters need her help more than you. I know you are just nine years old and it’s difficult to understand this. However, you should try not to be mad at her. She loves you and she always will. I promise you. Finally there’s just one thing left to say. Always believe in yourself!

All the best and lots of love,