As part of her CPE preparation classes, Lea was asked to write a report for part two of the written exam.


The purpose of this report is to outline my role as a football and basketball trainer, to appraise how profitable the camp was for the adolescents in general and to suggest future enhancements.

My Role

As a coach at the sports camp, I was partially in charge of the organization of the afternoon program. Our goal was to create a varied selection of activities from which the teenagers could choose according to their passions. During my courses, the participants learned how to interact and, moreover, function as a group. Furthermore, it was important for them to notice that, even though they were part of a team, each individual player could make a difference by putting all their efforts into the game. Thus, it was my duty to convey to the adolescents a sense of team play as well as to underline the importance of individual actions.

Value of Sports Camp

In general, the camp seemed to be a great alternative way of spending leisure time during holidays for teenagers. They enjoyed spending their time together with friends exploring all different kinds of sport activities. As a result, it widened their horizons with regard to what it means to aim for success on one’s own – as in golf – or in a team – as in basketball. Not only can this knowledge be applied in sport, but also it is helpful in the business world. Therefore, it can be understood that the sports camp served as some sort of a preparation for the teenagers’ prospective lives.


  • I would recommend also offering some courses after the sports camp as this could attract more young people during the year and, hence, increase the number of prospective participants.
  • It has also been requested that a proper sportsman or woman should be invited for one afternoon. This would motivate them and enhance their exitment further.
  • Another suggestion would be to organise a competition at the end of the camp. Such an event would provide a goal that teenagers could work towards and it would enable them to notice any improvement in their physical as well as mental abilities.


In light of the above, I believe the sports camp provides a valuable experience for young people. However, by implementing the recommendations, not only would the organizer increase the number of participants, but also the overall attractiveness of the camp.