Ping has written this great story as part of her class practising the use of narrative tenses

Ralph woke up. His head was aching. He had had a crazy night the day before, and had got really drunk at the end. He couldn’t remember anything clearly.

He looked at the clock and realised that it was already late for work. What’s more, when he stood up and look through the window, he saw it was raining outside, which was the last reason made him decide to give himself a day off. He sat back down on the bed and turned on the television. While he was watching a boring comedy, last night started coming back to him. He remembered he had had a great performance with his band. After that there had been a big celebration party. It’s so crazy that when he had tried to go home, he even couldn’t stand on his own. Luckily, a kindly friend helped him to get a taxi. So he was at home rather than lied on the street with empty pockets.

Wait! Had he brought his guitar home? He suddenly thought about his guitar, which is his most valuable belonging. Ralph turned off television and looked around the room. He saw a guitar case in the corner, but he knew that it wasn’t his. Then he remembered. He had bumped into a stranger while he was leaving the pub. They had both dropped their guitar case, and he had fell over. When he had finally stood up, the stranger had already picked one case up and left hurriedly.

Ralph stood up and walked to the guitar case. He opened it. When he looked inside, he couldn’t believe his eyes. The guitar case was full of money and drugs. Ralph was shock. He didn’t know what to do, and someone knocked his door at the time.

He felt like his future destiny was standing outside but he was too afraid to open it.

How should he do?