Following a set of lessons looking at colloquial language, slang and phrasal verbs concerning secrets, problems and relationships,  Jorge and Marta wrote up the following tense discussion between Steve and Nicole, a couple trying to work through a turbulent time in their relationship.

Nicole: “Hello Steve! How are you? How have you been the last few months?”

Steve: “Oh, quite well. And you?”

N: “Awesome , because time flies when you’re having fun.”

S: ” Thank you very much for your messages.”

N : “I was thinking about our relationship and I think that it’s the moment to have it out.”

S: “If you want, we could talk about our past problems. Do you agree?”

N: ” I’m agree. What about your appearance?”

S: “My appearance?”

N: “You let yourself go at the end of the relationship.”

S: “I feel good.”

N: “You aren’t as attractive as when we first met.”

S: “This is me now, but I could try to do some sport.”

N: “I’d stop giving you stick if you go to the gym.”

S: “But you were winding up me about cooking and cleaning. Would you stop?”

N: “I would to stop, but you are terrible washing up.”

S: “Why?”

N: “Sometimes, you get on my nerves, because you waste a lot of water.”

S: “Stop talking down to me. I’m not a child.”

N: “OK, let’s take a breather.”

S: “What about Max? You have to get over him.”

N: “Max is a friend. So what I want to see him.”

S: “Because he is married. Do you think that is not a good reason?”

N: “Don’t be childish, since we broke up, we get on well.”

S: “What about Nina? She is the most important person in my life.”

N: “Stop gushing about her, I know she’s your daughter but she is far from perfect.”

S: “You must be joking. She is polite, clever and pretty.”

N: “Not, she is spoilt, manipulative and badly behaved.”

S: “Shut up. You’re pure evil.”

N: ” I will get you back.”

S: “You’re providing the ammunition for the destruction of our relationship. You’re very bad and I don’t know why you sent the messages to me.”

N: “Cause I wanted to patch up our relationship, but now I realise it’s impossible…”

S: ” You’re not going about it in a good way and I think it wasn’t a good idea to come here.”

N: “Nina is standing in the way of our future together.”

S: ” I think that we definitely should cut our relationship off.”

N: “Yes, I agree cause we’re far from reconciliation.”

S: “See you.”

N: “Bye.”