Fiona has written this great review of the musical Aladdin as part of her CPE classes. This is what she thought of the show in London’s West End.

Have you ever seen a truly extraordinary performance which completely stunned you because of its magnificence? I certainly did when I saw the musical Aladdin in London on Tuesday evening!

Having spent the day in London,we spontaneously decided to see one of the great West End shows there. Therefore, we went to the Prince Edward Theatre near Leicester Square, where Aladdin is located. We couldn’t believe our luck when the amazing woman behind the ticket counter offered us seats in the third and fifth rows for a discounted price.

The musical started with a completely overwhelming performance of the song Arabian Nights, in which the audience was introduced to all of the characters and the main plot. Not only was the scenery beautifully set up, but also I was in awe of the costumes of the cast, which were jewelled from head to toe and were shining in bright, radiant colours. Additionally, all the actors had really amazing voices. By far, my favourite character was Genie, played by Dion Nicholas, who turned the musical into a hilarous, heartwarming story. He is definitely  a prime example of an actor who was born for his role, as he gave Genie a very modern touch using a lot of popular dance moves and telling jokes about celebrities.

Having seen many musicals in my life, I must say that Aladdin is definitely one of my favourite ones given that the cast played their roles brilliantly, the ever-changing scenery was extremely detailed and the costumes were just amazing and for sure the best ones I have ever seen in a performance! Taking everything into account, the musical was stunning and a must-see for everyone.