Jessica has very kindly agreed to let us put her review of Paddington 2 on the blog. She did this as part of her exam preparation for the Cambridge Proficiency.


Sometimes, when the cold harsh wind blows in your face everytime you dare to go outside and you’re just generally fed up with the freezing weather that the winter brings, the best thing to do is to snuggle up on the sofa and watch a good film. And what film is more able to make us forget about the cold than a sweet and heart-warming one like Paddington 2?

This sweet-natured and funny film first aired last winter and is a perfect opportunity for the whole family to come together and enjoy the chaotic adventure of the small, marmalade-loving bear. The live-action animated comedy film, directed by Paul King, is starring actors like Hugh Grant, Peter Capaldi and Ben Whishaw, who voiced Paddington.

The story begins with Paddington having settled in with the Brown family that he had met in the previous film. Looking for the perfect birthday present for his aunt Lucy, he accidently gets involved in a burglary, which is the kick-off for his next big adventure. From mistakenly being arrested, to an exciting chase after the true thief, Paddington’s big heart and his never ceasing positive attitude give him the ability to make friends in the most unlikely of places. His strong belief in the good in everyone changes many people’s lives for the better and it is truly heartwarming to watch his good nature influencing the people around him. Combined with the comedic chaos his often well meant actions create, it is no wonder that many different film critics like Rotten Tomatoes and the Guardian call it one of the most amazing films of 2017.

Paddington 2 is, without doubt, one of the most heartwarming films I have ever seen and everyone who hasn’t seen it yet should definitely know that they’re missing out on something astonishingly beautiful.