As part of his CAE preparation, Sebastian was asked to write a review of his favourite TV series. He chose to write about Sherlock Holmes and this is what he thought of it –


“Sherlock” is a British TV series of the BBC by the directors Steven Moffat and Mark Fatiss. The series is based on the world famous detective stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The series plays in modern day London and immediately became an international success.

In the series the directors bring the same main characters from the original to life and let them solve one case after the other. Early on, the viewer realizes that Sherlock Holmes is not a normal human being. Through his cold, rational nature he rather seems to be a robot who is able to recognise abstract correlations. The protagonist is sympathetic to the audience by consequence. Just this individual, insane and on the other hand ingenious way of the character, which the actor Benedict Cumberbatch performs incredibly authentic, makes him so interesting. The great strength of the series is in addition to the excellent main actors, the story of each episode. As complex and confusing as the cases may seem, it is just as exciting to watch when one clue after the other is revealed. Due to the very detailed explanations the viewer is able to comprehend the methods of the detective. Even though the viewer may not notice every single clue, however, you will be very keen on connecting all the hints together in order to be even faster in solving the case than Sherlock. Of course this is not possible, moreover the ends of a series are often so impredictable that even the detective struggles from time to time. Not only the single episodes have a complex structure also the whole seasons are connected together. Even dead characters appear again and again which makes it even more confusing. My only criticism of the series is that from season 3 there are less scenes where Sherlock has to connect the clues but for that more fight scenes which misses a bit the actual character of the series.

Summarized, it is a great version of the amazing original Sherlock Holmes books which is an absolute must for all detective story lovers and series viewer who want to be a part of the action and want to think along.