Lucy asked the students in her writing skills class to imagine the secret thoughts of figures in a painting and to write a diary entry in their words.

Charles and Leira wrote an entry for the lady in Pierre-Auguste Renoir’s At the Theatre.

at the theatre

Dear Kitty,

Today was the worst day of my life , Georges hit me because he discovered my relationship with Jean. I cried for hours and hours after I knew that Georges finally killed Jean. To terrify me Georges showed me the body of my love. I hate my life. At the opera, when I was waiting for Jean, I saw a lot of couples very happy and I asked myself “why not me?” It’s decided: I will do all what I can to kill Georges. I have to do this, for Jean’s memory.

Nari and Rocio wrote the imagined thoughts of the main figure in Paul Gauguin’s Seated Tahitian Woman and Idol.


Dear Diary,

It might be the last diary as a daughter of a chief. After having spoken with father I decided to leave home tomorrow, because father said to me “you must get married with Jonathan, the son of our neighbour’s chief.” Actually, I fell in love with another man, so I don’t want to get married to him. I prefer to leave the town, before all the fights started, so tomorrow before the sun rise, I will be riding my horse to ‘Farmtown’, there I will meet Tom, the farmer’s son, who is my real boyfriend. Of course, father is going to be very angry, but I don’t mind. I’m not going to do what he wants me to do with my life. I’ve decided to do what I want to do.

I know that after tomorrow I’m going to start a new life, I’ll learn how to cook, do the laundry….if it’s necessary I will ask for money from my neighbours. This is the end of my life as the chief’s daughter.