Seung comes full time to our pre-intermediate class and he has written this fantastic piece on his favourite hobby, Kendo, which is a modern Japanese martial art.

I started Kendo when I was 6 years old. I was a professional kendo player with high school. At first, I started practising Kendo as a hobby and I showed my talent by winning in competition at elementary school. So my parents sent me to a place to teach professional Kendo at middle school. I was a professional Kendo player from middle school to high school.

I have practised Kendo practice more than 8 hours a day at professional camp from middle school to high school. As a result I received many medals and trophies in competition in Korea and international competition. However, I could not do professional Kendo because of a traffic accident in the last winter of high school. Rehabilitation treatment took a long time and my body was no longer suitable for the players and I gave up the dream of Kendo. I am enjoying Kendo now as a hobby.

Kendo is a speculative sport that competes with the other side by using a bamboo stick. Scoring is determined by the wrist, head, waist and neck and the player must wear protective gear. Kendo training goes through several stages. First of all learn about manners and what to prepare before training. The purpose of Kendo is to train mind, body, and strengthen personality and enjoy healthy leisure through exercise.

Kendo training makes the body solid, agile and aggressive. It straightens the posture, attitude is calm and dignity is prepared. In addition, it also improves judgement positive, brave, self-control, tolerance and durability. In order to maintain politeness and maintain a fair attitude, we respect the attitude of the other party, absorb the knowledge and skills of Kendo and practice and enjoy Kendo.