I had no idea that Marianne and Sayaka had such dark imaginations – here are two of the most terrifying short stories ever written:

The Secret Door

by Marianne

Once upon a time there was a young girl, Samantha, who lived in Oxford, and studied in a high school. Every day, she used to go to the library in order to do her homework. It was a small library but there was a very quiet corner where students didn’t go because it was very dark.

One day, Samantha decided to go in the dark corner because there was a lot of students and she couldn’t work. When she was sitting, she heard a strange noise behind her, and after she felt cold air as if someone had opened a window. But in this space there wasn’t a window or door. Although she was scared, she decided to see what happened.

A secret door appeared. She had never thought this could happen to her, it’s only in movies you can see these things. But the door was here, behind the bookshelves. When she opened the door, there wasn’t a light so she couldn’t see clearly what was in the room. She tried hard to find a button to turn the light on, unfortunately she only had a lamp.

Suddenly, everything appeared clearly, many bones of a human body were on the floor. She was horrified and when she wanted to come out of the room, the door had disappeared.

She began to cry, and was thinking she would stay here until she died. Indeed, she tried to knock on the wall or to shout “help, help”, but nobody answered.

The End.

The Knock at the Door

by Sayaka

The knocking sounded.

A man who looked young was standing in front of the main door, but he wouldn’t open it. He looked pale and sick.

He hadn’t been sleeping well since he moved there. He had moved to this house which was surrounded by a big forest one week ago. Since then, someone had been knocking at the main door every night.

At the first night, he went to open the door when the knocking sounded. When he opened the door, he found no one was there. It was a windy night, so he thought he had imagined he had heard it. But at the same time he closed the door, the knocking started to sound! What a terrible thing! He ran away from the door, and he couldn’t sleep all night.

That night he had decided to open the door again and find out who had been knocking every night. He would like to sleep well. He hesitated a short time, but he finally opened the door bravely. He found no one was there again.

Then the wind blew strongly, and something hit his face. It was a branch of a tree. Then he realised this branch had been knocking for a long time.

The End