Liu was very lucky to be able to go to London to enjoy afternoon tea at the Ritz Hotel. He has very kindly shared his experience here.

Having world renowned afternoon tea at the legendary Ritz London is a symbol of luxury. I have got to know this since ages. When I was an undergraduate student, our lecturer told us that “tea at the Ritz” is “out of this world.” I decided that one day I have to go.

The place having afternoon tea in the Ritz is the Palm Court. The ball is decorated with Louis XVI cream coloured setting since the first day the hotel starts operating in 1906. The Ritz London is the only hotel in the United Kingdom having a certified tea sommelier in house.

The popularity of the Ritz afternoon tea brings challenges to everyone who wants to make an appointment. I only managed to book on 19:30, 8 August 2017. On that day, I was excited since early morning. On the bus from home stay to Kheiron School, I started to make a mind map of how to start a conversation with the waiters and what should I talk.

Afterwards, a very important English word popped up – dress code. Then, I quickly searched from the Internet, “jacket and tie.” Fantastic! I thought I was on holiday, so, I did not bring any formal cloth come to England. After that day’s class finished, I rushed into a shop, bought a suit that was on sale, and matched with a tie. Then, went home, changed cloth and departure to afternoon tea!

I arrived at the Ritz about 16:30. After going around and taking pictures, I suddenly thought that why I do not try my luck asking them whether it is possible to move my appointment to an earlier time slot. Guess what? Perhaps they felt my effort from the good deal suit; the answer was yes. More than a decade later since I know the Ritz, in the end, I have seated in there.

Two lessons from my experience: 1. “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” Check the dress code and follow their rules. It shows your effort. 2. “If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans.”

Kheiron School of English, an independent Oxford English School is merely two minutes away by walk from Oxford Railway Station. From Oxford Railway Station to London Paddington only needs an hour; take tube from Paddington station, within half an hour one can get out from Green Park underground and standing on the middle of Mayfair district, and look at The Ritz London’s beautiful building already. Therefore, I say that studying English in Kheiron is a ideal strategy; you can have refined Oxford academic environment and London’s luxury lifestyle at same time.