In her pre-intermediate class, Sayuri wrote about Kyoto which is a city in the west of Japan. This is why she thinks other students should visit this city.

Kyoto is famous as a historical city. It’s in the west of Japan. It has a lot of amazing temples and shrines and the streets are old- fashioned. A lot of people walk after wearing old-fashioned Kimonos. You can see Geishas on the street. Geishas are Japanese singing and dancing girls but they are classy. In Kyoto, you can have a romantic experience.

Kyoto is visited by a lot of travellers so Kyoto’s traffic is crowded everyday. Kyoto is as crowded as London.

Personally, I’d like to visit Kyoto again. Kinkakuj is really worth seeing. It is a gold temple.

Kyoto’s atmosphere is less hectic than London’s atmosphere. Personally, we can relax on our holidays so staying in Kyoto is better than London.