Having watched a short film entitled The Life and Death of a Pumpkin by Blame Society Productions, our upper-intermediate classes were given the task of describing the horrific and tortured last days of their own chosen objects as part of a Halloween themed lesson. Here are the gruesome results. Can you guess what they are?

Hello I am ??????????

In the beginning my life was peaceful and relaxed. I spent days with my family under warming sunlights. I thought it would continue all the time.

Until they came without warning – a huge crowd of cruel people had attacked all our settlement and had destroyed it. They ravaged our fields, killed somebodies and hold most of us captive.

They kept us short time in a dark room even have not been trying to explain our near future.

Then they took all of us in a big light open space room full of horrible loud sounds from working metallic monsters. Our captors put us between moving cylinders that began breaking our bones and separated us from our skin and fur. They were tearing us on narrow ribbons. The pain was unbearable and I passed out. When I regain my sense I found myself and my siblings, friends and other kins lieing together wove in each other. We became in one big organism and now should exist such a way.

So now I have absolutely different life. But I don’t complain, I’m still alive. These days, after some modification with my body, I spent time waiting for someone who try to wrap in me using us like second skin as if they don’t have themself. Sick people!

By Yulia

In the beginning I lived with my family in a big house. My mum played with me everyday. It was a very happy life. But one day, while I was sleeping, somebody came into my room. I wake up suddenly and felt a hand on my nose. I couldn’t take enough breath, and I lost conscious. When I came to my sense, my abductor was dragging me across the pavement. After that she put a knife inside me over and over. I cried out for rescue but nobody heard me. I realised my killer was my mum. Finally she threw me in a litter bin.

By Maria


I am ???????????

In the beginning my life was amazing. I was spending whole days with my mum and my brothers in a very warm and quiet space.

One day the foreigners came and took me out from my safe home. They put me to the plastic box. It was very cold and dark inside. I lost my mind. When they opened the box I saw big dirty hands which had placed me into the coldest and the bigest white box which I had seen in my life. I wasn’t alone. Someone was with me…I met my brother, they had placed us into the same white box. I was really happy but suddenly everything went dark.

Someone took me and my brother out from the box and had placed me on the very fire warm plate. I start shouting, calling my mum but she couldn’t hear me.

They had cut my skin and they were now tearing my innards. Moments later, they stirred me with my brother and they said add a salt. I just wanted to dye?

Why? Why me?

By Angelika


I am ??????

In the beginning, my life was peaceful:Days spent with my brothers in a warm and dark place. We grew up together.

One day, suddenly the dark disappeared. I was alone but I felt that I had a new world to discover. Until they came without warning – cruel hands dragging me and my brothers.

When I came to my senses, I was in a cold dark place with other  ****  and one of my brothers. Nobody understood anything. We all asked ourselves why we were in this place.

A while later, the light turned on and cruel hands dragging me again.

All screamed and we didn’t understand anything.

Suddenly the hands caught my brother. He screamed but I couldn’t do anything and two seconds later the hands hit my brother on a  saucepan and he died.

I couldn’t believe it. My brother had died and perhaps I was the next one.

The hands caught  another *** and did the same as it had to my brother. Then it was dark again. What had happened? Why had my brother died? And when the end come for me?

If you’re not already terrified, take a look at the original film below.


By Marta