In our general English Advanced class, we studied new vocabulary from an article and our students were asked to create their own text using the same words. This is what Dean came up with using the expressions and words sceptical (adj), to embrace (v), bloody-minded (adj), worthy (adj), to demean s.b (v), injunction (n), to not give a stuff (exp), doubtless (adv), leeway (n), unsavoury (adj), sinister (adj), to toe the line (exp), the powers-to-be (n), and to bend (v).

At first, I was sceptical about this task. But, you see, my teacher was quite bloody-minded about it so I didn’t have much of a choice. I sucked it up.

Of course, I know it would be more fun if I embraced my work. And I think I actually may do so using the leeway I’ve got.

I don’t think that this piece of work is worthy of being read out loud, but this may be due to my rather sinister view of the world. Sometimes, you might catch me snook-cocking the authorities by bending their tasks to my will. This is as long as they don’t put out an injunction against my doings. They see my creative work as unsavoury actions against them. The powers-to-be never like to be challenged. Maybe, they believe I want to demean their powers by somewhat messing with them and misleading the class by giving a bad example. I, in contrast, am of the opinion that students who toe the line are a great support for the teachers. How would they know where their limitations lie unless they are tested?

So, doubtless, I’m not a bother. But, if they still think so, frankly, I don’t give a stuff.