The UEFA European Football Championship (Euro) is held every 4 years between World Cup.
Generally, it is thought that this is the second most important tournament after World Cup.
However, I prefer this tournament to World Cup, because the teams are level pegging in this competition.
In this year, it has been held in Ukraine and Poland (joint hosts), so I decided to go to Kiev with my friend living in Zurich as we’ve been to Poland and we are keen to visit ex-Soviet union.
Before the match, we went sightseeing in the city.
There were many orthodox churches which took our breath away.
The top of the churches usually were covered with gold.
And also, we enjoyed watching the supporters, drinking local beer in Fan zone which was the restricted area for the supporters. It was quite funny to watch the people who dressed up in thier own way. Not only wigs and team shirts but also Spiderman, Matador, Bee and ethnic costumes…
We could hardly wait for it to kick off !!
The match we watched was France vs Sweden, which was the last match in the 1st round in group D.
Although Sweden was already eliminated from this tournament before this match, they played very well and beat disappointed France 2-0 with a spectacular volley by a striker, Ibrahimovic.
Surprisingly, it was the first loss in 24 international matches for France since the current manager took over.
Regardless of who won, we enjoyed the city of Kiev and the Big tournament!!
Reported by: Goshi, Japanese