Cornelia has written an interesting essay about ways in which we can get young people to study as part of her CAE exam preparation. This is what she thinks.

Supporting youths to take classes in science is considered vitally important. However, what is the most efficient approach to make it tempting for young people?

First and foremost, more advertisement for science should be introduced. Let us take television as an example. You can find a variety of programmes on TV, many of which are about celebrities such as actors, band members or top models but hardly any are about scientists. Consequently, not many young people see them as their role model.

Furthermore, social media shoud be used to promote science by publishing articles about the latest inventions and achievements in science, for instance.

Lack of advertiment in the media is one of the reasons why young people are often unaware of science and therefore not interested in studying it.

Despite the above, I would argue that encouragement from school is even more beneficial. Not only can teachers awaken your interest in the theory of science, like advertisement could do, but also intensify the subject with exciting experiments. If it were not for the image of science being stiff and boring, students would be more likely to take lessons. I stongly advise that science lessons at school be more enjoyable with focus on practise for the simple reason that experiments help you to understand the topic more easily.

Having considered the importance of both aspects I come to the conclusion that nothing is more encouraging than a lesson illustrated and exemplified with experiments. Television or other media can never enable you to be that close to the action.