Following their work on homelessness and basic needs, the intermediate class was asked to write about what life would be like if they were homeless. Here, Sara describes what she would do in this situation.

If I suddenly became homeless in Oxford, what would I do? Unfortunately, some people haven’t got a roof over their heads. They might spend hours on the street, and sometimes they haven’t got anything to eat. This is really sad, but it’s the reality.

These people are described ‘homeless’. They will have a bigger problem if they have sons. Fortunately, there are some charity associations and government programmes which help homeless people, providing their some food and sometimes house.

In my case, I’m live in Oxford because I work as au-pair. My host family provide me food and house, and they also are kind people and they would help me if I had problems. I’m very lucky for that, so it’s difficult to imagine myself being a homeless.

If I suddenly became homeless in Oxford, I would call my parents asking for some help, but if a finally became a homeless, I would look for some charity associations in Oxford. Also, I might do some street performance to get some money and I could ask people for some change.

Finally, I’m very lucky because I have all my basic needs satisfied, but if I suddenly became homeless, I would have one of the harder experiences in my life.