Over the weekend, I took a trip out to Tring, a small town just beyond Aylesbury, to visit the Natural History Museum there.  It is a ‘cousin’ of the big Natural HistoryMuseum in London, but the brilliant news is that it is not nearly as busy!  Plus it is FREE to get in!!  Well, it was fascinating!  There are so many different animals to see there – all the big names, plus many more besides!  I spent hours finding out about the various animals, and saw some really odd and spooky creatures, as well as some that were downright terrifying, like the whip scorpion and the giant dancing Japanese crabs!  Wow!
Then yesterday in class, I was teaching some of the adjectives we use to describe people’s characters, and all-in-all it set me thinking of the animals we associate with the adjectives – it happens in all languages, of course, but here are some examples in English which you might like.

We say that someone is ‘as sly as a fox’, while clever people are ‘wise old owls’.  You can also describe someone as a ‘silly goose’, but probably not to their face!  We can call someone ‘as proud as a peacock’, and those who are obstinate are ‘as stubborn as a mule’ – it’s similar to a donkey!

If someone eyesight is very poor, you can use ‘as blind as a bat’, and if someone is just very poor (not got much money) it is ‘as poor as a church mouse’!

What animals are associated with adjectives in your language? 

All the best
Kheiron School of English