The general upper-intermediate morning class was given the task of creating a party political manifesto for an imagined election. Here, Juan and Bertrand set out their ideological policies for the economy.

Election Manifesto for the Banana Party

Our Slogan: Change is Coming! So, Don’t Go Bananas.

If we were elected, we would reduce taxes on products of high necessity and especially on bananas, which would mean that we would steer the economy towards uninterrupted economic growth and people would have much more money to spend.

We would also increase taxes on highest rent because it would benefit our own economy and we would spend this money to extend opportunity and tackle social exclusion. If the last government hadn’t committed fraud, we would have a lot of possibilities for investing for the long term, but this is the past, now we have to work altogether to straighten the economy out.

From our point of view, Education and Health must be free and high quality.

If we were elected, we would change the laws for developing industry in the energy sector and safeguard their interests.

Finally, if we were at the head of the government, we would help small businesses and the people who would build their own company. We think this would be the best to decrease unemployment.

Obviously, we wouldn’t forget the fight against the black economy, so if you don’t want to go bananas, you have to vote for the banana party.