One day I have decided that is time to step ahead and take a postgraduate course at Oxford Brookes University. Due to the classes and teacher’s support I can understand better and improve on the parts I struggle more. It is definitely helpful as only this way I believe it is easier to understand your mistakes and correct them.


My name is Agata, I attend the CAE evening class on Thursday. The teacher, Kelly is very helpful and I like the way she teaches us. The course helps me improved my English. There are less than ten people in the class, it gives students an opportunity for more attention from the teacher.


Kheiron was the first school which I chose and I don’t regret. All the teachers are extremely friendly and helpful. The classes are flexible and enjoyable. The last months I was doing IELTS classes and I really love it. And I passed my IELTS exam with the result I needed!

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I chose to study in Kheiron since it is a little school located in the heart of Oxford with excellent reviews and accredited by the British Council. As far I am concerned, my expectations were not disappointed from the first moment. Personally, it is the most suitable place in Oxford to learn English in a very stimulating atmosphere, where teachers are always focused on eliciting the best of you. What is more, they are continually adapting methodology and learning materials in order to make you reach a better comprehension and production of spoken English. Teachers are also friendly and animated, so you feel as if you had a second family in Oxford. I would doubtless come back!