Following on from Maite’s speech based on one of Mandela’s famous quotes, Alberto delivered his argument concerning honest disagreement. He based his ideas on the following Gandhi quote.

“Honest disagreement is often a good sign of progress” (Gandhi)

1. Gandhi said that “to have the ability to disagree honestly with other people is a symbol of intelligence, as it is also of progress” and that’s true.

2. But many times, there is an interest behind this kind of actions which is not a sign of progress, but a sign of mutual interest. Many countries and governors ‘disagree’ about the way they have to act, and they do it ‘honestly’ because they have to do it. The mutual interests keep them as allies.

3. The most important thing is being capable of putting yourself in other’s shoes, respecting the difference and recognising the value of the people by themselves and that requires intelligence in some cases, but in most cases, it requires forget your issues and we call this love.

4. Love keeps our world turning, although it is not repeated in the news ever. It is the deepest and best feeling in life, and not only for lovers, but for everyone inside us. Every problem can be dealt with it.

5. How? Recognising that I am not the only or the most important person in the world, although I am really important, such as the others are. If we did that, we couldn’t shoot a weapon or really hate any person. We can focus our intelligence for the wellness and goodness of the others, and never compromise that principle any time.