As part of her Cambridge Proficiency (CPE) class, Frida wrote a piece on taking risks. This is what she thought of her decision to come to the UK .

Taking risks makes life worth living Life is not just about existing but actually living. At some points I have just felt bored of my life. I am lucky to have a lovely family, wonderful friends, somewhere to sleep at night and food fill my tummy. But somehow I still felt that something was missing and I could not stop thinking that I was wasting my youth doing absolutely nothing. Everyday consisted of the same routines with the same people doing the same things, and suddenly I felt a desire of doing something new, something that wasn’t just the same old safe things I have been doing my whole life. I wanted to take a risk, to live my life and to get to know myself. No sooner said than done – I packed my life into a 23 kilos suitcase and moved. Away from home, away from my childhood, away from everything that had just been the same. I admit it was scary but I could not be happier. In one month I’ve seen stuff I never seen, visit places I never been to and I think I begin to understand what it means to actually be living and not just existing. That is why I think people take risks, to get new experiences and come away from the daily routines. We should encourage each other to leave our comfort zones because life is short and there is too much to be seen and done and we cannot afford to do the same things over and over again. What is the meaning of life if you are not living it…?