This is an essay written by Alicia as part of her CAE preparation. She discusses the importance of parental example and schools as ways of motivating children to do exercise and considers which of the two she believes to be more important.

Parental example and schools are often considered to be great ways of motivating children to do regular exercise This is because both of them have a big impact in our behaviour due to our tendency to follow behaviour patterns since we are children. There are many people arguing about the best positive attitude to influence children to do exercise frequently. However, which of the two would benefit them the most

What I believe is school is important becasue it is where children interact with each other and where they can find the fun part of doing exercise and the reason why is that they stimulate each other without knowing it. Consequently, it is said that they do not see sport like an obligation due to they enjoy the exercise at school as part of a game although, in fact, it is another subject to overcome But for regular exercise in school, children wouldn’t be able to create physical interaction with their classmates

Nevertheless, despite the importance of motivation through schools, I believe that parental example has more influence in motivating children to do exercise and this is because it is the one that you spend more time with in your freetime. Moreover, school helps to develop the growth of children but it has to be their parents who educate them and show them, in some respects, their way to behave.

In conclusion, I would argue that the importance of parental example outweighs that of the school example. Not only are they who you tend to copy, but also they are the people who you spend weekends and freetimes with.